Sentence Examples with the word IPSE

On the north-western border of Catalonia, and in the island of Majorca, the article is not a derivative from 111 but from ipse (sing.

Tune Arthur pugnabat cum regibus Britonum, sed ipse dux erat bellorum.

So about the year 440 the Gaulish poet Orientius wrote of Christ; Piscis natus aquis, auctor baptismatis ipse est.

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Still, the enunciation of the moral precepts of Pythagoras appears to have been dogmatic, or even prophetic, rather than philosophic, and to have been accepted by his disciples with an unphilosophic reverence as the ipse dixit 1 of the master.

Ovid thus assigns Propertius his place: successor fuit hic (Tibullus), tibi, Galle: Propertius illi (Tibullo): Quartus ab his serie temporis ipse fui (Tr.