Sentence Examples with the word INDIANS

The most comprehensive work on North America is the Handbook of American Indians (prepared by the Bureau of American Ethnology, under W.

In 1908 an irrigation reservoir in McKinley county for the use of the Zuni Indians and the Leasburg project (Dona Ana county; 20,000 acres) were completed.

In this region occurred the Sioux uprising of 1862, and from this point operations were carried on which eventually resulted in the subjugation of the Indians and the hanging, at Mankato, in December 1862, of 38 leaders of the revolt.

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Near the city is a Government boarding school for the Indians of the Cheyenne and the Arapahoe Reservation.

Good advice, even if there weren't Indians around.

It is connected with the doctrine of a Messiah, which arose in Nevada among the Piute Indians in 1888 and spread to other tribes.

Rich gold placers had already been discovered, and in 1875 the Sioux Indians within whose territory the hills had until then been included, were removed, and the lands were open to white settlers.

The Indians of central Alberta are chiefly plain Crees, a tribe of Algonquin stock.

CHOLONES, a tribe of South American Indians living on the left bank of the Huallaga river in the Amazon valley.

The Onondaga salt deposits were mentioned in the journal of the French Jesuit Lemoyne as early as 1653, and before the War of Independence the Indians marketed Onondaga salt at Albany and Quebec. In 1788 the state undertook, by treaty with the Onondaga Indians, to care for the salt springs and manage them for the benefit of both the whites and the Indians.