Sentence Examples with the word IN GROSS

If an owner granted to another every second presentment, the advowson would be appendant for the grantor's turn and in gross for the grantee's.

All looked peaceful until Lord Auckland, prompted by his evil genius, attempted by force to place Shah Shuja upon the throne of Kabul, an attempt which ended in gross mismanagement and the annihilation of the British garrison in that city.

Article 7 provided that the decision should be made within three months from the close of the argument, and gave power to the arbitrators to award a sum in gross in the event of Great Britain being adjudged to be in the wrong.

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The central or main railway station is in Gross Basel, while the Baden station is in Klein Basel.

A seignory appendant passes with the grant of the manor; a seignory in gross - that is, a seignory which has been severed from the demesne lands of the manor to which it was originally appendant - must be specially conveyed by deed of grant.