Sentence Examples with the word IN BEING

Your chief fault, my friend, is in being made of wood, and that I suppose you cannot help.

These gases agree with argon in respect of the ratio of the specific heats and in being non-oxidizable under the electric spark.

Henbane yields a poisonous alkaloid, hyoscyamine, which is stated to have properties almost identical with those of atropine, from which it differs in being more soluble in water.

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Diamond differs from graphite in being a bad conductor of electricity: it becomes positively electrified by friction.

In the United States the cupola has undergone a radical modification in being built of water-jacketed sections.

Burmite and simetite agree also in being destitute of succinic acid.

Swift as before to strike, in three months' time he had deftly turned his own word against the would-be master by administering Due Correction for Mr Hobbes, or School Discipline for not saying his Lessons right, in a piece that differed from the Elenchus only in being more biting and unrestrained.

The Abel-Pensky instrument, used in India and in Germany, differs only in being provided with a clockwork arrangement for moving the slide.

They differ structurally from the normal form in being capable of self-fertilization only, and in the shape and details of their spermatozoa.

A bent spring possesses energy, for it is capable of doing work in returning to its natural form; a charge of gunpowder possesses energy, for it is capable of doingwork in exploding; aLeyden jar charged with electricity possesses energy, for it is capable of doing work in being discharged.