Sentence Examples with the word ILLICIT TRADE

As a politician he excited bitter opposition, and was charged, apparently with justice, with corruption and venality in conniving at and sharing the profits of illicit trade with the Confederates carried on by his brother at New Orleans and by his brother-in-law in the department of Virginia and North Carolina, while General Butler was in command.

In the 18th century land grants and illicit trade led to serious disturbances.

So early also began dissatisfaction with the economic regulations of the colonial system, even grave resistance to their enforcement; and illicit trade with privateers and foreign colonies had begun long before, and in the 17th and 18th centuries was the basis of the island's wealth.

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In the meantime much illicit trade was carried on by collusive captures arranged between American traders and British officers.

Natal was founded in 1597 as a military post to check an illicit trade in Brazil-wood.

The capture of that island had caused an immigration of Spanish refugees to Santiago that greatly increased its importance; and the illicit trade to the same island - mainly in hides and cattle - that flourished from this time onward was a main prop of prosperity.