Sentence Examples with the word I left

Before I left New York, these bright days were darkened by the greatest sorrow that I have ever borne, except the death of my father.

We discussed neither Julie nor Howie over breakfast but Betsy joined me when I left for our office.

The fact is that I left my little pet in my dressing-room lying asleep upon the table; and you must have stolen in without my knowing it.

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But since I left those shores the woodchoppers have still further laid them waste, and now for many a year there will be no more rambling through the aisles of the wood, with occasional vistas through which you see the water.

Destiny wasn't awake yet when I left and Jonathan is watching her.

Naw. I just wanted to know how much I left on the table.

When I left the room, she was sweating until even her hair was wet.

At any rate, I have not been idle since I left school; I have accomplished more, and been happier than I could have been there....

There wasn't any liquor at the accident site when I left and you said a bottle had been found.

It was for this reason that I left my fellows in the abbey kitchen and came here to be alone.