Sentence Examples with the word Hypophosphoric

Oxyacids.-Phosphorus forms several oxyacids: hypophosphorous acid, H 3 P0 2, and hypophosphoric acid, H 4 P 2 0 6 or H2P03, of which the anhydrides are unknown; phosphorous acid, H 3 P0 3, derived from P 4 0 5; monoperphosphoric acid, H 3 P0 5; perphosphoric acid, H4P208; and meta-, pyro-, and ortho-phosphoric acids, derived from P4010, for which see Phosphates.

When finely divided it decomposes water giving hydrogen phosphide; it also reduces sulphurous and sulphuric' acids, and when boiled with water gives phosphine and hypophosphorous acid; when slowly oxidized under water it yields, hypophosphoric acid.