Sentence Examples with the word Hyacinthe

CAMILLE HYACINTHE ODILON BARROT (1791-1873), French politician, was born at Villefort (Lozere) on the 19th of September 1791.

In addition to his philosophical work, AzaIs studied music under his father, Pierre Hyacinthe AzaIs (1743-1796), professor of music at Soreze and Toulouse, and composer of sacred music in the style of Gossec. He wrote for the Revue musicale a series of articles entitled Acoustique fondamentale (1831), containing an ingenious, but now exploded, theory of the vibration of the air.

Rene Theophile Hyacinthe Laennec (1781-1826) was the inventor of this most important perhaps of all methods of medical research.

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Though no bishops abandoned it, a few priests, suc as Father Hyacinthe Loyson, and a few scholars at the Ger an universities refused their adhesion.

ANQUETIL DUPERRON, ABRAHAM HYACINTHE (1731-1805), French orientalist, brother of Louis Pierre Anquetil, the historian, was born in Paris on the 7th of December 1731.