Sentence Examples with the word Hustled

It may be noted that the more famous of the persons alleged by partisans of subsequent pretenders to have been hustled out of the world for their connexion with the secret are the empress Josephine, the duc d'Enghien and the duc de Berri.

He himself scattered the cavalry opposed to him and hustled the Dutch infantry into St Amand, where they were promptly surrounded.

Exhausted Martha was hustled to her bed and snuggled next to SB, the patiently waiting stuffed owl.

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She squeezed Sofi's hand and was soon hustled out of the way by a nurse and his aide.

Some textbook must have dictated speed as the panacea for grief, and Martha was hustled out the door like a bride late for her wedding.

Never mind he spent three years constantly riding the bench, hoping against hope for a miracle, as he practiced, cheered and hustled with unbridled enthusiasm.

New converts had to be attended to - always welcomed, and never hustled away.

The Kapp coup in Berlin, which in some of its aspects sprang from similar anxieties in Prussia, gave the signal for political action in Munich, and at a midnight sitting the Bavarian Socialist Ministry was somewhat unceremoniously hustled out of office - it is alleged under military pressure - and a Coalition Cabinet under von Kahr installed.