Sentence Examples with the word Hurst

JOHN FLETCHER HURST (1834-1903), American Methodist Episcopal bishop, was born in Salem, Dorchester county, Maryland, on the 17th of August 1834.

C. C. Hurst has shown that the long-haired and albino characters are always accompanied in heredity with the swaying habit.

Cuenot and Hurst have also shown that when albinoes of one colour extraction are crossed with albinoes of another colour extraction the segregation of the colour determinants in the gametogenesis of the albinoes takes place in precisely the same way that it does in the gametogenesis of a pigmented individual; that is, in Mendelian fashion.

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It reduces the breadth of the Solent to a little over 4 m., and broadens at the end, on which stands Hurst Castle, an important fortification dating from the time of Henry VIII.

Allen for mice, by C. C. Hurst for rabbits, and by L.

At the mouth of Southampton Water is a projecting bar resembling but smaller than that of Hurst Castle, and like it bearing a Tudor fortress, Calshot Castle.