Sentence Examples with the word Hunte

ELSFLETH, a maritime town of Germany, in the grandduchy of Oldenburg, in a fertile district at the confluence of the Hunte with the Weser, on the railway Hude-Nordenham.

A system of waterways (the Geeste and Hadelner canals, meeting one another at Bederkesa) connects the estuary of the Weser with that of the Elbe; a canal between the Hunte and the Leda gives connexion with the Ems. On the upper Weser (above Bremen) the navigation, which is interrupted by occasional rapids, is assisted by locks and weirs.

The Werra and Fulda are both navigable when they unite to form the Weser, the Fulda being canalized between Cassel and the town of Fulda for a distance of 17 m.; the Aller, Wiimme, Geeste and Hunte are also navigable.

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Below the junction of the Hunte the Weser, hitherto a single stream, is divided into several channels by islands.