Sentence Examples with the word Humphrey

His son, Humphrey VIII., who succeeded him in the same year, was allowed to marry one of the king's daughters, Eleanor, the widowed countess of Holland (1302).

Sidney first, and after him Humphrey Gilbert, could only circumscribe the rebellion.

Of Brabant, her third husband Humphrey of Gloucester, her cousin Philip the Good of Burgundy, all behaved shamefully to her.

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But in 1258 this Humphrey fell away, like his father, from the royal to the baronial cause.

It denounces both indiscriminate alms-giving and the national work-shops proposed by Sir Humphrey Mackworth.

They were divided between Duke Humphrey of Gloucester's library, Balliol College and Dr George Owen.

The death of Humphrey of Gloucester in February 1447 made York the first prince of the blood.

Tunstall disappointed him, so he got employment as a preacher at St Dunstan's-inthe-West, and worked at his translation, living as chaplain in the house of Humphrey Monmouth, an alderman, and forming a firm friendship with John Frith; but finding publication impossible in England, he sailed for Hamburg in May 1524.

During these early years Bedford ruled France wisely and at first with success, but he could not prevent the mischief which Humphrey of Gloucester caused both at home and abroad.

His grandson, Humphrey Booth the younger, left money for the repair of the church and the residue is distributed amongst the poor.