Sentence Examples with the word Hugues

The power of the state was confided to middle-class men, faithful servants during the evil days: Abel Servien, Michel le Tellier, Hugues de Lionne.

Lot, Etudes sur le regne de Hugues Capet (Paris, 1903); Lesne, La Hierarchie episcopale en Gaule et Germanic (Paris, 1905); for the province of Tours and Le Mans: B.

But after his mediation in the treaty of Breda (July 1667), when Hugues de Lionne, secretary of state for foreign affairs, had isolated Spain, he substituted soldiers for the jurists and cannon for diplomacy in the matter of the queens rights.

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The hospital possesses many artistic treasures, among them the mural paintings of the 17th century in the Salle St Hugues and an altar-piece, the Last Judgment, attributed to Roger van der Weyden.

Mignon, Les Origines de la scholastique et Hugues de St Victor (Paris, 1895); J.

He owed the signal successes of his reign partly to his skilful choice of advisers and administrators, to his chancellors Jean and Guillaume de Dormans and Pierre d'Orgemont, to Hugues Aubriot, provost of Paris, Bureau de la Riviere and others; partly to a singular coolness and subtlety in the exercise of a not over-scrupulous diplomacy, which made him a dangerous enemy.

In Germany he, through Hugues de Lionne, formed the league of the Rhine, by which the states along the Rhine bound themselves under the headship of France to be on their guard against the house of Austria.

Berthelier was executed in 1519, and Ame Levrier in 1524, but Bezanson Hugues (d.1532) took their place, and in 1526 succeeded in renewing the alliance with Fribourg and adding to it one with Bern.