Sentence Examples with the word Hugged

Instead, she hugged him.

He was as speechless as I had been as we hugged each other and somehow made it into my room.

Joan and Alice each hugged her and then turned to their husbands.

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Her eyes watered at his brave words, and she hugged him.

Cassie hugged the twins.

She jumped up and hugged and kissed him.

She hugged herself, in spite of the warmth of the cozy room.

She continued to avoid his gaze and hugged Ashley tighter, afraid to face the glowering creature.

Finally Destiny put her arms around Carmen's neck and simply hugged her.

The influence of the Italian towns did not make itself greatly felt till after the end of the First Crusade, when it made possible the foundation of a kingdom in Jerusalem, in addition to the three principalities established by Bohemund, Baldwin and Raymond; but during the course of the Crusade itself the Italian ships which hugged the shores of Syria were able to supply the crusaders with provisions and munition of war, and to render help in the sieges of Antioch and Jerusalem.4 Sea-power had thus some influence in determining the victory of the crusaders.