Sentence Examples with the word Huddling

The broken and demoralized army, its ranks thinned by fever and sickness, at last began its hopeless retreat, attempting to reach Catania by a circuitous route; but, harassed by the numerous Syracusan cavalry and darters, after a few days of dreadful suffering, it was forced to lay down its arms. The Syracusans sullied the glory of their triumph by putting Nicias and Demosthenes to death, and huddling their prisoners into their stonequarries - a living death, dragged out, for the allies from Greece proper to the space of seventy days, for the Athenians themselves and the Greeks of Sicily and Italy for six months longer.

P. 609, 1900) alludes to the huddling together of the legs, which is conspicuous in most of the species.

She scrambled toward the back of the cell, huddling with Lankha in a corner.

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Katie was huddling over the stove when Carmen entered the living room.

The blonde was huddling against him, her hands roaming his body.

She sat down, huddling with her knees again.