Sentence Examples with the word Hu

It is the seat of the provincial government of the two Hu or Hu-kwang, as these provinces are collectively termed,.

With the exception of a small portion of the great delta plain, which extends across the frontier from the province of Kiang-su, and in which are situated the famous cities of Hu Chow, Ka-hing, Hang-chow, Shao-Sing and Ning-po, the province forms a portion of the Nan-shan of south-eastern China, and is hilly throughout.

Agora nouamete feita per hu fidalgo Deluas.

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The second persons of the same tense take the ending che, ches in the singular and chedes in the plural: falache or falaches (f a b u I a s t i), falachedes as well as faldstedes (f a hu I a s t i s), bateche or batiche, p1.

Thus, to construct a table of values of f x udx by intervals of h in x, we first form a table of values of hu for the intermediate values of x, from this obtain a table of values of 62 - -) hu for these values of x, and then construct the table of f x udx by successive additions.

Fast and Hu Maxwell, History and Government of West Virginia (Morgantown, 1901; new edition, 1908); A.