Sentence Examples with the word Howie

Finally, Howie was able to connect with a recently abducted little girl in Alabama.

The rest of us were spiraling toward bankruptcy when Howie turned to Martha.

Yes, Howie was pleased as a kid with a new toy.

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We'd coaxed Howie to look away from eminent mayhem, simply to preserve his own sanity.

In the meantime Betsy interrogated Howie relentlessly about any remembered details.

Neither Martha nor I knew what details Howie knew of the event.

I told her Howie hadn't yet arrived at the office, but she seemed to know.

When I first met Howie in class I thought he was just this lonely guy but he seemed nice and we had coffee a time of two.

Yes, and that's a coincidence that bothers me but me might learn something if Howie and Quinn manage to go back there.

Frost, not uncommon in New Hampshire as late as June, was considered by Howie a villain to reckon with.