Sentence Examples with the word Hotels

Facing the Plaza de Cespedes (once Plaza de la Reina and then Plaza de Armas) are hotels and clubs, the large municipal building - formerly the governor's palace (1855 seq.) - and the cathedral.

Sitting beside her in the car, I describe what I see from the window--hills and valleys and the rivers; cotton-fields and gardens in which strawberries, peaches, pears, melons, and vegetables are growing; herds of cows and horses feeding in broad meadows, and flocks of sheep on the hillside; the cities with their churches and schools, hotels and warehouses, and the occupations of the busy people.

It is the centre for visitors to the ruins of and about Thebes, and is frequented by travellers and invalids in the winter season, several fine hotels having been built for their accommodation.

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There are hotels at the Mammoth Hot Springs, at the principal geyser basins and at Yellowstone Lake.

The view of the cathedral has been much improved by a clearance of the old houses on the Domhof, including the archiepiscopal palace, but the new Hof, though flanked by many fine buildings, is displeasing owing to the intrusion of numerous modern palatial hotels and shops.

A number of hotels have been built.

There are good hotels in the city and its suburbs.

The landlord of the Spouter-Inn had recommended us to his cousin Hosea Hussey of the Try Pots, whom he asserted to be the proprietor of one of the best kept hotels in all Nantucket, and moreover he had assured us that Cousin Hosea, as he called him, was famous for his chowders.

Om the large areas reclaimed from the sea, vast hotels and mansions let in flats have been erected.

For their accommodation numerous hotels and villas have been erected.