Sentence Examples with the word Hotel-de-ville

The hotel-de-ville and the Cercle du Commerce are the chief modern buildings.

In the centre of the old town is the Place d'Armes, in which stands the former hotel-de-ville (rebuilt in 174.0, restored in 1867), with busts of Eustache de St Pierre, Francis, duke of Guise, and Cardinal Richelieu.

Etienne Pascal, who had bought some of the hotel-de-ville rentes, protested against Richelieu's reduction of the interest, and to escape the Bastille had to go into hiding.

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While lacking the artistic tastes of the Valois, Henry beautified Paris, building the great gallery of the Louvre, finishing the Tuileries, building the Pont Neuf, the Hotel-de-Ville and the Place Royale.