Sentence Examples with the word Hot-headed

The excitement culminated in a revolutionary outbreak at Ploesci, where a hot-headed deputy, Candianu Popescu, after the mob had stormed the militia barracks, issued a proclamation deposing Prince Charles and appointing General Golescu regent.

Here and there hot-headed Zealots rose up to repeat the errors and the disasters of their predecessors.

But the evils against which he struggled were real and grave; the milder measures of the Constitutional Reformers might have taken long to achieve the results which were due to his hot-headed advocacy.

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Thus arose a struggle between the youthful, hot-headed partisans of revolutionary physical science and the zealous official guardians of political order - a struggle which has made the strange term Nihilism a familiar word not only in Russia but also in western Europe.

Into Paris he became minister of the interior, but finding it impossible to work with the hot-headed royalists of the Chamber of Deputies (La Chambre introuvable), he resigned office.

Secondly, it can hardly be questioned that, by withstanding the hot-headed patriots at this juncture, Demosthenes did heroic service to Athens.