Sentence Examples with the word Hort

Further, it discusses, as Hort observes, certain indestructible problems which much early Christian theology passes by or deals with rather perfunctorily; and it does so with a freshness and reality which, as we compare the original 3rd-century basis with the conventional manner of the Epitome, we see to be not unconnected with origin in an age as yet free from the trammels of formal orthodoxy.

Biblica, 3113 seq.); the opposite position is stated excellently by Hort (Christian Ecclesia, 1898, 189 seq.) and Dr T.

But Hort is hardly right in suggesting that, while Homilies arose in Syria, Recognitions took shape in Rome.

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His work in conjunction with Hort upon the Greek text of the New Testament will endure as one of the greatest achievements of English Biblical criticism.

In 1850 Hort took his degree, being third in the classical tripos, and in 1852 he became fellow of his college.

Notwithstanding, on various critical grounds, Baur, Hilgenfeld, Lightfoot, Westcott, Hort and Beyschlag assigned the book to the reign of Nero, or to the years immediately following his death, while Weiss, Dusterdieck and AfIommsen assign it to the time of Vespasian.

Though Hort doubts it, most recent scholars (e.g.

It must be noted that Westcott and Hort called the Bohairic Memphitic, and the Sahidic Thebaic, and Tischendorf called the Bohairic Coptic.

In the year 1881 there appeared the famous Westcott and Hort text of the New Testament, upon which had been expended nearly thirty years of incessant labour.

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