Sentence Examples with the word Hopping

I mean, it was the quintessential traveling salesman's dream, a naked and willing woman hopping into his bed, wife in another town, a freebie, so to speak.

He looked eagerly around, but saw only a squirrel frisking among the trees and a rabbit hopping across the road.

It has a peculiar kind of hopping gait; and is mainly diurnal, in accordance with which habit its eyes are protected by lashes.

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Jenn trotted through the halls, hopping over dead vamps as she went.

The blue-gray bandy legged dog ran merrily along the side of the road, sometimes in proof of its agility and self-satisfaction lifting one hind leg and hopping along on three, and then again going on all four and rushing to bark at the crows that sat on the carrion.

I'll be right back, she said, hopping up.

The French dragoon officer was hopping with one foot on the ground, the other being caught in the stirrup.

Numerous additions have been made to our knowledge of the development and nursing habits, which are extremely varied, some forms dispensing with or hurrying through the metamorphoses and hopping out of the egg in the perfect condition (27).

She raced down the hall tugging her boots on, hopping first on one foot and then on the other.

You were hopping in bed with everyone back then and you never gave me a second look.