Sentence Examples with the word Hopped

Arguing with Allen was futile, so she simply hopped in the back seat and locked the door.

Dustin hopped to his feet and ran to join his master.

She walked through shallow stone valleys and hopped across boulders and shale toward the sun, casting frequent looks over her shoulder to make sure she wasn't being stalked by a shape-changing demon with an attitude.

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After a while she stood up again, licked Jackson's face, tickling him with her rough tongue, and hopped off the sofa.

Without looking back, he hopped into his truck and drove away.

Tammy half skipped and hopped down the hall, throwing a shy smile over her shoulder at Lisa before disappearing into a doorway.

His lab coat was all the overcoat he wore, and he hopped in place beside a beat-up VW Bug whose engine coughed as if it were on its last leg.

She hopped out of the car with a quick thanks ran into Bird Song ahead of him.

She followed him out the door and watched as he hopped into the truck and started the engine.

Destiny hopped up and down.