Sentence Examples with the word Hoping

He did the dishes as well, hoping for an early reprieve from her justified anger.

Peace was arranged at Ragusa in 1842, and it was rumoured that Ali had concluded a secret alliance with Montenegro, hoping to shake off the suzerainty of the sultan, and to found an entirely independent kingdom.

Catesby, however, after some hesitation, finding from Fawkes that nothing had been touched in the cellar, and prevailed upon by Percy, determined to stand firm, hoping that the government had put no credence in Monteagle's letter, and Fawkes returned to the cellar to keep guard as before.

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She ignored the hunk, hoping he'd take the hint.

I smiled and looked from Ivy to Lara and back again, hoping that maybe this time would be different.

They possessed some arms, but the supply was insufficient, and the leaders were hoping for a French invasion to make good the deficiency and to give support to a popular uprising.

When he had finished, he bowed, and waited, hoping that he would be rewarded.

In 1499, appealed to by Venice, and encouraged by his favorite, Cardinal dAmboise (who was hoping to succeed Pope Alexander VI.), and also by Cesare Borgia, who had lofty ambitions in Italy, Louis XII.

Jule sighed, hoping she left this time.

He didn't leave a single detail out, hoping she would understand how obvious it was that she would not hurt him.