Sentence Examples with the word Hooves

The drum of hooves jerked her attention back to the barn.

Her own breath was loud in her ears, the sound of her horse's hooves drowning out everything else.

A few minutes later another horse came by, its hooves clattering loudly above them.

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Horses were moving around on the ledge above, their hooves clicking against the rocks.

It took her a moment to separate the pounding of her heart from the sound of hooves striking earth.

A cacophony of bleats, chomping and scuffling of hooves drowned out her words.

The snow had melted on the mountain trail, and the dry gray rocks provided sufficient traction for Ed's hooves as they climbed higher into the hills.

The muffled sound of hooves on sand approached the opening between two wagons.

The only sound was the muffled sound of hooves in the sand and the occasional clink of a harness.

And then she heard the drum of hooves behind her.