Sentence Examples with the word Hongkong

Before suitable defences could be made, word came from Hongkong that Dewey had started for Manila and Montojo hurriedly sailed from Subig Bay to Cavite, barely in time to anchor before Dewey arrived.

About half of the total produce finds its way to the Chinese market, chiefly by sea to Hongkong and the Federated Malay States, although some is carried overland through Bokhara, Khokand and Kashgar; a small quantity is exported by way of Trebizond and Samsun to Constantinople, and about 2000 piculs to Great Britain.

The town possesses few buildings of any note, but government house, the law-courts, the gaol, the lunatic asylum and the HongKong and Shanghai Bank are exceptions, as also is the cathedral of St Andrew.

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The foundation-stone of HongKong University was laid in March 1910, the buildings being the gift of Sir Hormusjee Mody, a colonial broker.