Sentence Examples with the word Homs

He proceeded to take Hamah, Homs (Emesa) and other towns, and on the 20th of December started for Damascus.

He took Acre after a severe siege on the 27th of May 1832, occupied Damascus, defeated a Turkish army at Homs on the 8th of July, defeated another Turkish army at Beilan on the 29th of July, invaded Asia Minor, and finally routed the grand vizier at Konia on the 21st of December.

In 1249 he was recalled from the siege of Homs by the news of the invasion of Egypt by Louis IX.

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In 855 a revolt broke out in Homs (Emesa), where the harsh conditions imposed by the caliph on the Christians and Jews had caused great discontent.

Akizzi, governor of Katna (near Homs or Hamath), reported this to the Pharaoh who seems to have frustrated the attempt.