Sentence Examples with the word Homologous Series

In the first group we may mention the homologous series of hydrocarbons derived from ethylene, given by the general formula C 7, H 2, ,,, and the two compounds methylene-oxide and honey-sugar C6H1206.

The investigation also showed that the nature of the acid used affected the result, for in an homologous series of acids it was found that as the molecule of the acid became more complex, the rate of esterification became less.

The boiling points of the normal alcohols increase regularly about for each CH, increment; this is characteristic of all homologous series of organic compounds.

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Soc., 18 93, 6 3, p. 465) states, that the melting-point of any odd member of a homologous series is lower than the melting-point of the even member containing one carbon atom less.