Sentence Examples with the word Holy cross

The term was, however,, particularly applied, in O.E., to a gallows or cross, especially to the Holy Cross on which Christ was crucified, the sense in which the word survives.

A few miles to the north and north-east of the Mount of the Holy Cross are Red Mountain (13,333, Wheeler), in Eagle county, Torrey Peak (1 4,33 6, Hayden) and Gray's Peak (14341, Hayden), in Summit county, Mt.

The main range is continued eastward by the lofty summits known as Mount Adelphi (5305 ft.), Papoutsa(5124)and Machaira or Chionia (4674), until it ends in the somewhat isolated peak called Santa Croce (Stavrovouni or Oros Stavro), the Hill of the Holy Cross (2260 ft.).

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The foundation of the chapel of the gild of the Holy Cross was laid by Robert de Stratford.

The crusaders were driven back towards Damietta; and at the end of August 1221 Pelagius had to make a treaty with Malik-al-Kamil, by which he gained a free retreat and the surrender of the Holy Cross at the price of the restoration of Damietta.

The assassination of Maurice in 602 impelled him to a war of revenge against Rome, in the course of which his armiesin 6o8 and, again, in 615 and 626penetrated as far as Chalcedon opposite Constantinople, ravaged Syria, reduced Antioch (611), Damascus (613), and Jerusalem (614), and carried off the holy cross to Ctesiphon; in 619 Egypt was occupied.

In 1204 John granted two weekly markets, on Tuesday and Saturday, and an annual fair of eight days at the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross (Sept.

The Ember weeks are the complete weeks next following Holy Cross day (September 14), St Lucy's'day (December 13), the first Sunday in Lent and Whitsun day.