Sentence Examples with the word Hoed

After sowing, the land is harrowed, and the young plants are hoed and weeded, chiefly by women and children, from early spring until the time of flowering.

Apart, the ground being made as level and firm as possible, and the plants should be regularly thinned, hoed and kept free from weeds.

Keep sweet potatoes hoed to prevent the vines rooting at the joints.

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This was not the light in which I hoed them.

The hay or leaf mulching on the strawberry beds should be removed and the ground deeply hoed (if not removed in April in the more forward places), after which it may be placed on again to keep the fruit clean and the ground from drying.

I did not read books the first summer; I hoed beans.

Flower-beds should be kept well hoed and raked, to prevent the growth of weeds next month.

It was no longer beans that I hoed, nor I that hoed beans; and I remembered with as much pity as pride, if I remembered at all, my acquaintances who had gone to the city to attend the oratorios.