Sentence Examples with the word Hitz

TO MR. JOHN HITZ 14 Coolidge Ave., Cambridge, Nov. 26, 1900. ...--has already communicated with you in regard to her and my plan of establishing an institution for deaf and blind children.

TO MR. JOHN HITZ Tuscumbia, Alabama, Dec. 19, 1892.

TO MR. JOHN HITZ 138 Brattle St., Cambridge, Nov. 11, 1899. ...As to the braille question, I cannot tell how deeply it distresses me to hear that my statement with regard to the examinations has been doubted.

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TO MR. JOHN HITZ Brewster, Mass.

TO MR. JOHN HITZ 12 Newbury Street, Boston, February 3, 1899. ...I had an exceedingly interesting experience last Monday.

TO MR. JOHN HITZ Wrentham, Mass.

TO MR. JOHN HITZ 138 Brattle Street, Cambridge, Feb. 3, 1900. ...My studies are more interesting than ever.