Sentence Examples with the word Hitched

Instead of driving to the Capitol in a coach and six, he walked without a guard or servant from his lodgings - or, as a rival tradition has it, he rode, and hitched his horse to a neighbouring fence - attended by a crowd of citizens.

Zeb hitched Jim to the buggy again, and the horse trotted along and drew them rapidly over the smooth water.

The horses are hitched to the buggy and waiting outside.

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The middle of it is passed round the body, which it covers from the waist to the knees, and is hitched in front so that the two ends hang down in equal length before; these being twisted together are passed back between the legs, drawn up and tucked into the waist at the middle of the back.

Alex backed Ed between the tugs of the buggy and hitched him up.

He put the harness together again and hitched Jim to the buggy.

In the midst of the outspread line of Cossacks two wagons, drawn by French horses and by saddled Cossack horses that had been hitched on in front, rumbled over the tree stumps and branches and splashed through the water that lay in the ruts.

I could also feel the stamping of the horses, which they had ridden out from town and hitched under the trees, where they stood all night, neighing loudly, impatient to be off.