Sentence Examples with the word Historie

His principal work was his Entwurf einer vollstdndigen Historie der Ketzereien, Spaltungen, and Religionsstreitigkeiten, bis auf die Zeit der Reformation (11 vols., Leipzig, 1762-1785).

Kluit, Historie der Hollandsche Staatsregering tot 1 795 (5 vols., 1802-1805); G.

Wagenaar, Vaderlandsche historie (21 vols., 1 7491 759); J.

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Van Oldenbarneveldt, Historie Warachtige van de ghevanckennise ...

Walch, Entwurf einer vollstandigen Historie der Ketzereien (Leipzig, 1768); Hauck-Herzog, Realencyk.

The first attempt at a true account of Jorisz was by Gottfried Arnold, in his anonymous Historia (1713), pursued with much fuller material in his Kirchen and Ketzer Historie (best ed.

Bain, Scandinavia, 1513-1900 (Cambridge, 1905); Bidrag til den store nordiske krigs historie (Copenhagen, 1900); F.

Of English plays, the interlude called Jack Juggler (between 1547 and 1553) was based on the Amphitruo, and the lost play called the Historie of Error (acted in 1577) was probably based on the Menae-chmi; Nicholas Udall's Ralph Royster Doyster, the first English comedy (acted before 1551, first printed 1566), is founded on the Miles gloriosus; Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors (about 1591) is an adaptation of the Menaechmi; and his Falstaff may be regarded as an idealized reproduction or development of the braggart soldier of Plautus and Terence - a type of character which reappears in other forms not only in English literature (e.g.

Fol., 1 7391 74 1); Glossarium norvegicum (1749), Det forste forsdg Norges naturlige historie (4to, 1 75 2 - 1 754); Eng.

Maurer, Die Bekehrung des norwegischen Stammes (2 vols., Munich, 1855-1856); Bang, Udsigt over den norske Kirkes historie under Katholicismen (Christiania, 1887); P. Gams, Series episcoporum ecclesiae catholicae (Regensburg, 1873); C. Eubel, Hierarchia catholica medii aevi (2 vols., Munster, 1898, 1901); P. Hinschius, System des kath.