Sentence Examples with the word Hissed

She hissed at the pain.

The fire hissed in the waves; the same instant the ship shot by the bubble the sinking pipe made.

He also posed as an author and patron of literature; his poems, severely criticized by Philoxenus, were hissed at the Olympic games; but having gained a prize for a tragedy on the Ransom of Hector at the Lenaea at Athens, he was so elated that he engaged in a debauch which proved fatal.

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Jessi hissed at Xander.

Those vamps she passed hissed at her.

Lastly, one of his pieces (Le Baron des Fondrieres) contests the honour of being the first which was hissed off the stage.

Going in state to Ascot the queen was hissed by some ladies as her carriage drove on to the course, and two peeresses, one of them a Tory duchess, were openly accused of this unseemly act.

Damian hissed beside her, his grip on her neck tightening.

He was publicly hissed at his lecture, and found it prudent to resign his professorship and withdraw to Florence in 1591.

Jule hissed through his teeth and more blood bubbled up, but the lodged arrow refused to move.