Sentence Examples with the word Hiring

From Amazon's Mechanical Turk to hiring programmers and designers living in other parts of the world, and in a thousand more ways, the Internet has enabled this form of trade to occur where it never could have occurred before.

The lessee is bound, on his side (i.) to use the thing hired like a good head of a household (bon pere de famille), in accordance with the express or presumed purpose of the hiring; (ii.) to pay the price of the hiring at the times agreed (Art.

A law forbidding under severe penalties a labourer from hiring himself to a second employer without giving notice of a prior contract, and an employer from hiring a labourer known by him to be bound by such a contract, had aided in the development of the system, though it had been enacted for a different purpose.

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In any case, hiring a handler would eat up her profits.

And just so my motives are perfectly clear to you - I don't want my competition getting the jump on me by hiring one of my best employees.

His first publications, which appeared as rhymed allegories, were political rather than religious, being aimed at what he deemed the degrading Swiss practice of hiring out mercenaries in the European wars.

I don't have any more experience hiring people than you.

On the 7th of March 1606 Sigismund summoned a diet for the express purpose of introducing the principle of decision by majority in the diet, whereupon Zebrzydowski summoned a counter-confederation to Stenczyn in Little Poland, whose first act was to open negotiations with the prince of Transylvania, Stephen Bocskay, with the view of hiring mercenaries from him for further operations.

An urban council cFQ ' may also license proprietors, drivers and conductors of horses, ponies, mules or asses standing for hiring in the district in the same way as in the case of hackney carriages, and they may also license pleasure boats and vessels, and the boatmen or persons in charge thereof, and they may make by-laws for all these purposes.

It couldn't be much different than hiring a sitter.