Sentence Examples with the word Hinged

The lights are hinged so that they can be turned completely back when necessary.

Apart, hinged to a masonry apron on the bed of the river and carrying a foot-bridge along the top, from which the actual barrier, resting against the frames and cross- weir.

Bridge over the Seine has fifteen steel ribs hinged at crown and springings with a span of 353 ft.

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The box, I, has a hinged bottom with a projecting click finger which, as the box de - scends, plays idly over the staves of a ladder arc. When the weight is removed from the platform, the counterbalance, E, causes the finger, G, to run back to its zero position, carrying with it the finger M, and causing the click finger of the box, I, to trip open the bottom of the box and let the penny fall out.

In this figure the rod a, b, hinged at x, represents the wing.

For an elementary account of the theory of arches, hinged or not, reference may be made to a joint by more than one-eighteenth of its depth.

When the cage arrives at the surface, or rather the platform forming the working top above the mouth of the pit, it is received upon the keeps, a pair of hinged gratings which are kept in an inclined position over the pit-top by counterbalance weights, so that they are pushed aside to allow the cage to pass upwards, but fall back and receive it when the engine is reversed.

The under jaws are hinged on to the quadrate bones, which extend obliquely backwards, and are immovably wedged in between the squamosal and the lateral occipital wings.

The trestles of this weir are, as usual, hinged to the apron, so that in flood-time they can be completely lowered into a recess across the apron by means of chains actuated by a winch, leaving the channel perfectly open for the discharge of floods and for the passage of vessels when the lock is submerged.

The latter, however, was the more difficult of interpretation, and upon it, therefore, mainly hinged the system of divination with which the augurs were occupied.