Sentence Examples with the word Hilton

At the beginning of the Civil War the Confederates erected Fort Walker on Hilton Head, and Fort Beauregard on Bay Point.

Of these, two of the best known are Hilton College and Hermansberg College, many prominent Nataiians having been educated at one or the other of these establishments.

A nephew of Mrs Stewart in 1887 sued to break the will on the ground that Hilton had unduly influenced her; the case was compromised out of court in 1890 and Mrs Stewart's relatives received more of her estate than they would have got under the terms of the testament.

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Port Royal Sound (between Bay Point on the north-east and Hilton Head on the south-west), is one of the largest and best on the coast of South Carolina.

Clinch and Hilton were executors, and it was understood that Hilton should complete the cathedral at Garden City and endow schools there.

In May 1623 a settlement was established by Edward Hilton on Dover Point, about 5 m.

Of the Cochecho Falls; the present name was adopted in 1639, and with the development of manufacturing and trading interests the population gradually removed nearer the falls; Hilton and his followers were Anglicans, but in 1633 they were joined by several Puritan families under Captain Thomas Wiggin, who settled on Dover Neck (1 m.

Edward Hilton with a few associates appears to have established a settlement on Dover Point about the time of Thomson's arrival at Little Harbor, and in the Hilton grant of 1630 it is stated that he had already built houses and planted there; as early as 1639 this settlement was named Dover.