Sentence Examples with the word Hiero

When the power of Hiero passed in 467 B.C. to his brother Thrasybulus the freedom of Syracuse was won by a combined movement of Greeks and Sicels, and the Greek cities gradually settled down as they had been before the tyrannies, only with a change to democracy in their constitutions.

Sicily in truth never had a more hopeful champion than Hiero II.

To the west of the amphitheatre is the foundation of the great altar erected by Hiero II.

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They came to war with Hiero II.

The reign of Hiero was the last time of independent Greek culture in Sicily.

He is said to have fixed on a large and fully laden ship and to have used a mechanical device by which Hiero was enabled to move it by himself: but accounts differ as to the particular mechanical powers employed.

The exploits of Hiero had already won him the kingly title (270) at Syracuse, and he was the representative of Hellenic life and independence throughout the island.

Thus he devised for Hiero engines of war which almost terrified the Romans, and which protracted the siege of Syracuse for three years.

Very little is heard of Catina in history until 476 B.C., when Hiero I.

With the incorporation of the kingdom of Hiero into the Roman province independent Sicilian history comes to an end for many ages.