Sentence Examples with the word Heyne

His archaeological and mythological Memoire sur Venus (1775),(1775), which has been ranked with similar works of Heyne and Winckelmann, gained him admission to the Academie des Inscriptions (1778).

Unlike Gottfried Hermann, Heyne regarded the study of grammar and language only as the means to an end, not as the chief object of philology.

In the latter year the Seven Years' War broke out, and Heyne was once more in a state of destitution.

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Accordingly, in April 1752, Heyne journeyed to Dresden, believing that his fortune was made.

Bertrand and Helbig, among others, have held that the descriptions are of actually existing works of art, while Heyne and Friederichs deny this.

CHRISTIAN GOTTLOB HEYNE (1729-1812), German classical scholar and archaeologist, was born on the 25th of September 1729, at Chemnitz in Saxony.

Edition, with commentary, by Heyne (1803); text by Wagner (1894) (Mythographi Graeci, vol.

Shortly after the foundation of the university of Gottingen appeared Zeitungen von gelehrten Sachsen (1739), still famous as the Gottingische gelehrte Anzeigen, which during its long and influential career has been conducted by professors of that university, and among others by Haller, Heyne and Eichhorn.

Another period of want followed, and it was only by persistent solicitation that Heyne was able to obtain the post of under-clerk in the count's library, with a salary of somewhat less than twenty pounds sterling.

No one since Heyne has had so great an influence on German academical life, and for a whole generation the Berlin school had no rival.