Sentence Examples with the word Hesitated

He hesitated before hugging her.

The troops sent against them commanded by General Guglielmo Pepe, himself a Carbonaro, hesitated to act, and the king, finding that he could not count on the army, granted the constitution (July 13, 1820), and appointed his son Francis regent.

She hesitated only a moment longer before bolting and disappearing up a set of stairs.

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She hesitated and then joined him.

She hesitated then exited the car and shivered in the late night breeze.

Elise hesitated then said, Frankly, I don't know.

Lana hesitated then sat, watching Kelli use the bread in place of utensils to eat her dinner.

Brady hesitated to respond, feeling as though he should concentrate on supporting her, per Tim's directions, rather than reach out to her when he needed her.

They followed his parents into the house and Adrienne hesitated at the dining room door.

Lana hesitated then went on with a frown.