Sentence Examples with the word Herodian

We have already noticed the work done by the Herodian dynasty in furthering Hellenism in Syria (see Scharer, Gesch.

These ramparts are ascribed by architectural authorities to the Herodian period.

From this point to the end of the period the Jews were dependents of Rome, free to attend to their own affairs, so long as they paid taxes to the subordinate rulers, Herodian or Roman, whom they detested equally.

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Is possible that, to gain adherents, the Herodian party may have been in the habit of representing that the establishment of a Herodian dynasty would be favourable to the realization of the theocracy; and this in turn may account for Tertullian's (De praescr.) allegation that the Herodians regarded Herod himself as the Messiah.

The kingly insignia of the High Priest of the sun at Emesa are described by Herodian (v.

Most likely it is a product of the Herodian period.

There are two later sites, of Roman or Herodian date, one north, the other west, of this.

Priscian informs us in his preface that he has translated into Latin such precepts of the Greeks Herodian and Apollonius as seemed suitable, and added to them from Latin grammarians.

Capitolinus, Maximini duo; Herodian vi.

Ouy6v), the reputed heads of the Sanhedrin, down to the Herodian age (1503 o B.C.).