Sentence Examples with the word Hermon

In 1879 Moody opened the Northfield seminary for young women, at Northfield, Mass., and in 1881 the adjacent Mount Hermon school for boys; in each a liberal practical education centres about Bible training; the boys do farm-work and the girls house-work.

Al Ajem, Horns, Hamadiyeh and Selimiyeh in Anti-Lebanon and Hermon (about 45,000).

Among those for boys Phillips Academy, at Andover, the Groton school, and the Mount Hermon school are well-known examples.

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Es-Sheikh, or Hermon (8000 ft.).

Meanwhile, the Hauran, the old seat of the Shehab family and Hermon Druses, had been steadily receiving a Druse influx, since the day of Ain Dara (see above).

The limits adopted are from the south border of Hermon to the mouth of the Mojib (Arnon), a distance of about 140 m.: the whole area has been calculated to be about 3800 sq.

The natural products of the Jordan valley - a tropical oasis sunk in the temperate zone, and overhung by Alpine Hermon - are unique.

The view from Hermon is very extensive, embracing all Lebanon and the plains east of Damascus, with Palestine as far as Carmel and Tabor.

About the same time, or a little later (in the reign of Saladin), it believes that Hermon was colonized by a population of 15,000 Hira and Yemenite Arabs, who had sojourned awhile in Hauran.