Sentence Examples with the word Heresiarch

At the council of Frankfort in 794 Alcuin upheld the orthodox doctrine, and obtained the condemnation of the heresiarch Felix of Urgel.

HENRY OF LAUSANNE (variously known as of Bruys, of Cluny, of Toulouse, and as the Deacon), French heresiarch of the first half of the 12th century.

Father Cahier would even trace the book to Tatian, and it is true that that heresiarch mentions a writing of his own upon animals.

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His first encounter was with the heresiarch Gottschalk, whose predestinarian doctrines claimed to be modelled on those of St Augustine.

In one source the great heresiarch Pelagius is stated to have been a Scot.

Soon afterwards the heresiarch was arrested, brought before the bishop of Toulouse, and probably imprisoned for life.

In 1125 the Church in the south of Russia had to combat another heresiarch named Dmitri.