Sentence Examples with the word Her

But Anteia (or Stheneboea), wife of Proetus, became enamoured of Bellerophon, and, when he refused her advances, charged him with an attempt upon her virtue.

She stared at the broken glass before her and then at the men nearing on the ledge.

Magic flared through her as their lips met.

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Amid the scattered property and the crowd on the open space, she, in her rich satin cloak with a bright lilac shawl on her head, suggested a delicate exotic plant thrown out onto the snow.

The sudden release of the pressure built up over a lifetime made her too weak to stand.

The circus people were much interested in Helen, and did everything they could to make her first circus a memorable event.

Elizabeth was alarmed by the successes of the Spanish arms, and especially by the fall of Antwerp; and, though refusing the sovereignty, she agreed to send a force of s000 foot and I 000 horse to the aid of the Provinces under the command of the earl of Leicester, her expenses being - guaranteed by the handing over to her the towns of Flushing, Brill and Rammekens as pledges (loth of August 1585).

Maybe he's waiting to see if we buy her story or the tip that mentioned his facial hair.

It seems, however, that, while she was still suffering from severe pain, she noticed the movements of her mother's lips.

Such an act she must regard as failing in sincerity to the crown, and justly to be visited by the exercise of her constitutional right of dismissing that minister.