Sentence Examples with the word Henrik

A single work detains us in the 13th century, a treatise on medicine2 by Henrik Harpestreng, who died in 1244.

NIELS HENRIK ABEL (1802-1829), Norwegian mathematician, was born at Findoe on the 25th of August 1802.

Worship of ancient myths and manners was Per Henrik Ling (1776-1839), now better remembered as the father of gymnastic science than as a poet.

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Lars Johan Hierta (1801-1872) was the leading journalist, Johan Henrik Thomander, bishop of Lund (1798-1865), the greatest orator, Matthias Alexander Castren (1813-1852) a prominent man of science, and Karl Gustaf af Forsell (1783-1848), the principal statistician of this not very brilliant period.

The youngest of the great poets born during the last twenty years of the 8th century was Henrik Hertz (q.v.; 1797-1870).

He was an early champion of Richard Wagner and of Henrik Ibsen, and indicated his aesthetic point of view in the pamphlets, The Quintessence of Ibsenism (1891) and The Perfect Wagnerite (1898).

In pathology a great name was left by Nils Rosen von Rosenstein (1706-1773), in navigation by Admiral Fredrik Henrik of Chapman (d.

Bjerknes, Niels Henrik Abel: Tableau de sa vie et son action scientifique (Paris, 1885); Lucas de Peslouan, Niels Henrik Abel (Paris, 1906).

But in this latter field by far the most eminent recent name in Swedish literature is that of Professor Johan Henrik Schtick (b.

Unfortunately his success caused some jealousy in official quarters, and when, in the middle of February 1849, a commander-in-chief was appointed to carry out Kossuth's plan of campaign, that vital appointment was given, not to the man who had made the army what it was, but to a foreigner, a Polish refugee, Count Henrik Dembinski, who, after fighting the bloody and indecisive battle of Ka olna (Feb.