Sentence Examples with the word Henri

BON LOUIS HENRI MARTIN (1810-1883), French historian, was born on the 20th of February 181o at St Quentin (Aisne), where his father was a judge.

Before the publication of Lavisse's great work, Dareste's general history of France was the best of its kind; it surpassed in accuracy the work of Henri Martin, especially in the ancient periods, just as Martin's in its turn was an improvement upon that of Sismondi.

At the Louvre, Goujon, under the direction of Lescot, executed the carvings of the south-west angle of the court, the reliefs of the Escalier Henri II., and the Tribune des Cariatides, for which he received 737 livres on the 5th of September 1550.

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Bonvalot, accompanied by Father Dedeken of the Belgian Catholic Mission aid Prince Henri d'Orleans, left Charkhlik, south-west of the Lob Nor, in November 1889, and taking a very nearly due southerly course, reached on the 13th of February 1890 the eastern end of the Tengri Nor.

Their results are best summed up in the three schemes of classification which follow below - those of Rudolph Leuckart (1823-1896), Henri Milne-Edwards (1800-1884), and T.

In 1865 he obtained a fellowship in history, and in 1875 became a doctor of letters; he was appointed maitre de conference (1876) at the ecole normale superieure, succeeding Fustel de Coulanges, and then professor of modern history at the Sorbonne (1888), in the place of Henri Wallon.

The person of Villehardouin reappears for us once, but once only, in the chronicle of his continuator, Henri de Valenciennes.

In 1885-1886 he was under-secretary for war in the Henri Brisson ministry, and he served in the cabinet of Emile Loubet (1892) as minister of marine and of the colonies.

On the death of Henri de Villars, archbishop of Vienne, in 1693, he was commissioned to deliver a funeral oration, and this was the beginning of his fame.

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