Sentence Examples with the word Hemmed

While Cynthia hemmed and hawed about the most diplomatic way to suggest that the Dawkinses might billet down to two rooms from the three they now occupied, the situation cured itself.

Tibet is a rugged table-land, narrow as compared with its length, broken up by a succession of mountain ranges, which follow as a rule the direction of the length of the table-land, and commonly rise into the regions of perpetual snow; between the flanks of these lie valleys, closely hemmed in, usually narrow, having a very moderate inclination, but at intervals opening out into wide plains, and occupied either by rivers, or frequently by lakes from which there is no outflow and the waters of which are salt.

We must watch for a breach in the living wall that hemmed us in; the wall that had only admitted us in order to shut us up.

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They were presently hemmed in by Hoche, and all who could not make their escape to the ships were forced to surrender at discretion (July 20).

A soldier on the march is hemmed in and borne along by his regiment as much as a sailor is by his ship.

Etampes is a long straggling town hemmed in between the railway on the north and the Chalouette on the south; the latter is a tributary of the Juine which waters the eastern outskirts of the town.

Until far on in the 18th century the malarial jungle and paddy fields closely hemmed in the European mansions; the vast plain (maiddn), now covered with gardens and promenades, was then a swamp during three months of each year; the spacious quadrangle known as Wellington Square was built upon a filthy creek.

Above the river, hemmed in on either side by hills that rise abruptly, especially on the W., to a height of more than 200 ft.

It is characteristic of London that St Paul's Cathedral (q.v.) should be closely hemmed in by houses, and its majestic west front approached obliquely by a winding thoroughfare.

Unlike the northern, the southern affluents of the Ombilin do not follow longitudinal valleys hemmed in by the Barisan range and ranges of slate, limestone and sandstone.