Sentence Examples with the word Helmets

He had dreamed that he and Uncle Pierre, wearing helmets such as were depicted in his Plutarch, were leading a huge army.

Veritable helmets of metal, such as Herodotus ascribes to Assyrians and Chalybians (vii.

They disdained the use of helmets and coats of mail, and protected themselves only with, shields.

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Armour and helmets were not generally employed at the time of the Anglo-Norman invasion.

The bikers wore helmets and most were in a low tuck position, making it difficult to get an identifying look at them.

The Sherden had been in the armies of Rameses II., and are distinguished by their remarkable helmets and apparently body armour of metal.

They wore brazen helmets with purple crests, and rough-haired black cloaks, in which they slept on the bare ground.

Gold and silver had been applied to the adornment of helmets and breastplates from the 7th century, but it was in the 12th century that the decoration reached the high degree of elaboration shown us in the armour of the Japanese Bayard, Yoshitsune, which is still preserved at Kasuga, Nara.

Greaves were found at Glasinatz and Jezerin, though not at Hallstatt; two helmets were found at Hallstatt and others in Bosnia; broad bronze belts were numerous, adorned in repousse with beast and geometric ornament.

All persons using the bottom of the gorge or actually climbing must use helmets and crampons.