Sentence Examples with the word Hellen

Von der Hellen (40 vols., Stuttgart, 1902 ff.; Werke, edited by K.

Von der Hellen (6 vols., 1901 ff.), and by P. Stein (8 vols., 1902 ff.).

Dorus' share of the inheritance of Hellen lay in central Greece, north of the Corinthian Gulf, between Xuthus in north Peloponnese and Aeolus in Thessaly.

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Von der Hellen and others (17 vols., 1904-1905).

SALMONEUS, in Greek mythology, son of Aeolus (king of Magnesia in Thessaly, the mythic ancestor of the Aeolian race), grandson of Hellen and brother of Sisyphus.