Sentence Examples with the word Heliopolis

Of his work at Heliopolis there remain the obelisks of London and New York; and from Elephantine is the obelisk at Sion House.

Abila was an important town on the imperial highway from Damascus to Heliopolis (Baalbek).

Above Cairo, and Heliopolis lay some 5 m.

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It is famous for its temple ruins of the Roman period, before which we have no record of it, certain though it be that Heliopolis is a translation of an earlier native name, in which Baal was an element.

A great temple at Tanis boasted a larger colossus than existed in Thebes: Heliopolis and Memphis must have been lavishly adorned, and the temples of Abu Simbel alone would have been sufficient to satisfy the ambition of many of the great Pharaohs.

At Bubastis, Tanis, Bebbeit (Iseum) and Heliopolis considerable stone remains have been discovered.

The obelisk of Heliopolis is amongst his best-known monuments, and the damming of the Lake of Moeris (q.v.) must have been in progress in his reign.

So too the bull of Apis frol dack animal with white spots) was during its lifetime regarded tra(reincarnation of Ptah, the local god of Memphis, and similarly not Mnevis and Bacis bulls were accounted to be the living in s Es of Etom of Heliopolis and of Re of Hermonthis respec- cen ly; these latter cults are certainly secondary, for Ptah of 1 iself was never, either early or late, depicted otherwise than 0th iuman form, as a mummy or as a dwarf; and Etom and Re Hoi but different names of the sun-god.

At Heliopolis in the 15th century B.C., was brought over from Egypt by Constantine the Great and erected in the Circus Maximus, being ultimately re-erected in 1552 by Pope Sixtus V.

Amr recrossed the river and joined it, but presently was confronted by a Roman army, which he defeated at the battle of Heliopolis (July 640); this victory was followed by the siege of Babylon, which after some futile attempts at negotiation was taken partly by storm and partly by capitulation.